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As soon as I have a dollar to spend, I'm so .m4r ing this. Well done again. Can't wait for the next one.

Amazing! Extremely good. The only nitpick I could ever have about this is the work on the mouth flaps. Everything else however immensely impresses me. I like the way you make the shots seem as if they were taken with an actual camera. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you!

I thoroughly enjoyed this. So much so I wish I had thought of it. There's nothing to even criticize because I was too distracted by the comedy.

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Good graphical work. Has the appeal of other clickers, but yeah, like a majority of these comments say, I find myself having to make my own goal in the lack of my being given one. Hoping for the best.

This was cute! I enjoyed it a lot. Good job!

This is great! I really enjoyed myself playing this. I found that the puzzle mechanics were refreshing. I feel like in a fully formed game a bit more explanation of how they work is great. The idea of having new abilities actually seems like a cool concept to expound upon. This is really well polished for something you made in 7 days. I look forward to your next game!

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A lot better than the last one.

Not much to say besides that. Good job. I'm thoroughly impressed.

A for effort.

You delivered the idea well, but you lack not only volume, but zing. The thing that made the 'Mechanical Resonance' (the actual name of the Final Egg song) such an amazing level song was the toxic bass. Also, keep in mind that an orchestra isn't always restricted to string. Don't be afraid to use a trumpet or two. Also, a more active drumline would highly benefit the rhythm. Good work, and keep making submissions!

BowserThedestructive responds:

i used quite alot of instruments in this -.- and its a seperate bg song that was mechanical resonce this song is similar but is quite differnt from the one your thinking. i used trumpets in this song has well >.> but keeping all instruments on a balance of quality no clipping and other factors is REALLY DIFFICULT!! the reason also for volume is i believe quality over quanity (volume) ill make it loud if i can but clipping can occur has well plus you have volume speakers you know this kinda thing started the audio industries "LOUDNESS WAR" and i dont agree with it so i dont try to make it too loud i work on medium volume and lots of dynamics.

Good, but you can do better.

I understand that the first minute of the song is supposed to be subtle, but a hint of bass is still required. Even when you change to the forte dynamic, you lack powerful bass. The Windmill emulates the Storm Song, which embodies Storm clouds, which embodies thunder. Thunder has bass. Ergo, your piece, beautiful as it is, has no source of energy. It sorta sounds like you're listening to a song played in stereo, but you're missing a speaker. I suggest using a cello or louder double bass as your background.

As for the elevator music comment, I really don't see how that fits at all. Jeep up the good work!

Hoeloe responds:

Have a look at the newer version: OOTHQ: The Windmill Hut.

*fires a few rounds* Now that I have your attention, I'm Gaaradoo, though I prefer Pierrot. I might come up with some flashes, I might not. Just depends how long I can get this damn thing to work.

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